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NEW CBC Marketplace | Hidden cameras catch HVAC scam in action

Marketplace talks with our founding lawyer, Dennis Crawford, about the deceptive sales tactics being used to suck people into unfair HVAC contracts.

Toronto Star | A lien on your property title could really cost you

The Toronto Star featured in the legal column by real estate practitioner Bob Aaron.  This article calls on the provincial government to close the loophole that allows these liens to be registered.

CBC News | Widow alleges Toronto company duped her dying husband into selling their home

The founding lawyer of, Dennis Crawford, was featured in this article on CBC News about a family who was vicitimised by the Ontario HVAC Scam.

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Canadian Justice | How to Spot a Scam


Host Christine Van Geyn welcomes our lawyer, Dennis Crawford to explain the tactics and loopholes that scammers are using to take advantage of unsuspecting homeowners.

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Hamilton Law Association Journal | The Ontario HVAC Scam


This article written by founding lawyer Dennis Crawford gives a thorough breakdown of what the HVAC scam looks like, and what you can do about it if you have been targeted.

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Middlesex Law Association | Fighting Back Against Dishonestly-Obtained HVAC Liens


This article written by founding lawyer Dennis Crawford gives a clear overview of what being scammed by HVAC companies can look like.

Toronto Law Journal | Consumer Protection in the Home Equipment Rental Financing Industry


This article written by founding lawyer Dennis Crawford explains the HVAC scam and provides examples where scammers have been defeated by HVAC scam victims.

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The Beacon Herald | Stratford lawyer helping homeowners fight back against HVAC rental scams

This article written by The Beacon Herald columnist Galen Simmons explains the HVAC scam, who Dennis Crawford is, and what can do for victims of the scam.

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