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You can fight back.

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homeowners about the door-to-door

home equipment rental scam.


The Scam

Companies that rent out home heating, ventilation, plumbing, or air conditioning equipment are using deceptive, high-pressure sales techniques to get vulnerable homeowners to rent equipment at many times the fair market price.  These companies are then registering illegal liens against the home where the equipment is installed.  If you rent equipment for your home, you may have one of these illegal liens registered against your property.  
These illegal liens prevent homeowners from being able to sell or refinance their house.  The companies which registered the illegal liens will demand payment of tens of thousands of dollars to delete the lien.  Homeowners often feel that they have no choice other than to pay out the liens.

Fighting Back
Thanks to, homeowners now have an option to fight back.  The lawyers at have developed a cost-effective way to get these illegal liens deleted from title.  

Contact us today for a free title check, to find out if any illegal liens have been registered against your property.

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